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Steam locomotive Projects

Reboilering ‘Burgodonum’ with a Riverdale coal fired boiler - Gerv Wright

King of the Scarlets [ Rough Pup and Velinheli ] Andy Cooper

Keith Parkinson's Burma Mines Bagnall

Building " Quintus" - Chris Cooper

Keith Parkinson's Class "A" Climax

Gerv Wright's Merlin WLLR No 14

Building Jack  Roy Shaw

Mick Brown : From Road to Rail

Peter Nutbrown resurrects a unique Roundhouse 0-6-2

Derek Round renovates a Shay

Derek Round renovates a 3 truck "Steamlines" Shay

James Medd: The Exmoor Project

Nick Midgley : Beyer Peacock 3' gauge Railmotor

The Earl : Peter Nutbrown

Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Locomotive Section

Rebuilding Linda Andy Cooper

Welsh Pony and Little Giant Andy Cooper

The Beddgelert Saga Andy Cooper

Double Fairlie James Spooner 1872 FR No8 : Andy Cooper

Making James Spooner's double boiler : Andy Cooper

Building Double Fairlie James Spooner : Andy Cooper

Chris Cooper: Adding lubricators and Linkage to Double Fairlie DLG

Russell : Andy Cooper

Battery Diesel Projects

The Illovo Project - Tony Wright

A Tale of Two Chassis - Tony Wright

Dave Webb goes Electric

Two Hudswells Tony Wright   

Not so simple Simplex Tony Wright

The Jimmy Project James Medd

Almondbury Express Parcels Service

Electric Power : Alan Poxon

Kerr Stuart 677 : Alan Poxon

Dave Webb renovates a Salem Diesel

Alan Poxon: Building a Shed

George Cole : Diesel Project

Keith Parkinson: The Gold Bug : Climax 148

Lineside Buildings Projects

Barrie Farman's Jigstones Projects

Almondbury Buildings Dave Webb

Breary Bank Viaduct Construction: Tony Wright

Building a L&B warehouse Steve Borszowski

Tony Wright recycles some wagons

A French Barn: David Hill

Wagon Projects

Gerv Wright builds a Penrhyn coal wagon

FR Bolster wagons : Andy Cooper

FR Bogie waggon Circa 1874 : Andy Cooper     

FR Early coal wagon : Andy Cooper

FR Goods Van : Andy Cooper

FR "A" Frame slab "Donkey" wagon : Andy Cooper

Mike Gray modifies some LGB Colorado & Southern 45mm gauge stake flats

Adding wagon brake gear : Steve Smith

Alan Poxon : two Vans

Tubs Trams and Hutches : Alan Poxon

Peter Nutbrown : Bogie Logging wagons

Peter Nutbrown: Left-over trucks

Roy Plum: Snow Blower

Military Modelling

Allied Narrow Gauge Bogie Wagons : Alan Poxon

Hudson Raletrux MOD NGF Wagon: Alan Poxon

RAF and Locoals : Alan Poxon

The Spirit of Improvisation : Alan Poxon : WW1 gun carriage wagons

Alan Poxon : Péchot & Bange

Alan Poxon : Twelve Letters, Ending in N P

Alan Poxon : WW1 GB and USA Petrol Locos

Roy Plum : B Type AEC bus

Coach Projects

Chris Cooper makes a Jurassic Models TM11 FR Birmingham Open Observation ( Porthole zoo car ) 

Chris Cooper modifies a Brandbright PS19 coach into

Ffestinog Coach No.20 and Coach 19 in Victorian Livery 

David Rhodes builds a Ffestiniog brake No10

Building a NWNGR Metropolitan Workman's coach

First to Third: Chris Cooper modifies an Ashbury coach

Chris Cooper builds a Lineside Hut "Curly Roofed" brake van.

Lineside Hut 1879 FR " Bowsider" : Andy Cooper

FR Carriage No 15 : Chris Cooper

FR Carriage No 21 : Chris Cooper

FR Coach 11 " The Flying Bench" : Chris Cooper

Rio Grande Caboose : Mick Brown

Leek and Manifold carriages : Graham Pearce


A little winter gardening in Bournemouth: using "scale" plantings: Chris Cooper

Rodger Schofield : Strimming the Edges!

Indoor layouts

Dixon Green 2016 extension Phil Thompson

Mike Gray : Track in the Sky

Detailing Indoor Layouts

Masterful Modelling : work benches : Jeremy Wade

How to make

Simple Jigs and Fixtures by Tony Wright

Sacks with Dave Webb

Plastikard Modelling

Rick Collett : FR Hearse and Curly Roof Brake

Rick Collett : Lagos Steam Tram

Rick Collett : Gunpowder wagons

Painting and Lining

Michael Bastow : Loco Lining

Points and trackwork

Spring loaded Peco points : Michael Bastow

Two methods for spring loading points : Gerv Wright
















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