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February 2021

Resplendent Taliesin at York ME: Paul Butler

Charminster Goods: Chris Cooper

Myrtle at Almondbury : Alan Poxon


January 2021

Davenport: Paul Hagglund

'DDRAIG BACH' shunts on Melin Llechi : Matthew Widdop

Fleggy Beck Blizzard : Tony Marshall

Late night for Sir Baldrick at Shedholme : Rob Holmes

Shunting goes like clockwork: Welsh Phoney (now lined out and with restored Hornby mechanism) shunting at "Dinas". : Nick Midgley

December 2020

Winter 2007 : Geoff Munday

Taliesin snoozing in the new engine shed: David Rhodes

Mist and Steam : George Cole

Winter watery sunshine at Charminster : Chris Cooper

November 2020

Crayke Hill Railway : Paul Howard. The wages coach ran on the Futwah - Islampur Railway. 

Raising steam? Sir Baldrick : SLR : Rob Holmes

L&M at Great Willowgarth: Dave Webb

The Foxdale branch train on a rainy Sunday. Manx Northern Railway

Sharp Stewart No.1 and brake composite No. 17 (IMR F39: "the Foxdale coach") : Nick Midgley

Penrhyn power: Chris Cooper

October 2020

Herculean effort : Paul Butler

Endcliffe Vale Railway : Dave Webb

Welsh Pony at Charminster : Chris Cooper

The Earl at Crayke LR : Dougie Leaver

September 2020

Silkstone Tramway

Kathleen at Willen LR : Paul Howard

Sumpter Valley Railroad [ or West Calderbank Railway ] Dave Webb

Bagnall at YME: Paul Howard

August 2020

Masham and Colsterdale Railway : Tony Wright

Crayke "DHR" : Paul Howard

SLR Lister : Rob Holmes

Orenstein & Koppel loco with spark arresting chimney: Paul Howard

Black engines at LLR turntable

July 2020

Leeds No1 hard at work on Lawnswood Bank : Tony Wright

Charminster : Chris Cooper : DLG with Victorian stock.

Ferndale : Spot the locos?..David Hill

Crayke Old Jalopy : Mick Brown

June 2020

Double heading Sentinels: York ME : Paul Howard

Traveller : 8 wheel Avonside at York ME : Richard Cable

" Little and Large " Paul Butler at York ME.

This weeks photo is of David Rhodes' railway in 1982....almost 40 years ago!

May 2020

Sharp Stewart 2-4-2 : Peter Nutbrown

Gwynedd : Geoff Munday

VE Day : George Cole

Southgate LR : Rob Holmes

April 2020

Millgates: Steve Borszowski

Bell loco at Crayke : Paul Howard

Fearby Road Station, Masham and Colsterdale Railway : Tony Wright

Moss Bank Mountain Railway staff have rebuilt the little halt; building a platform, a flower bed, a bench, a storage locker and added a solar panel.

Michael Bastow

March 2020

Spring sunshine at Charminster: Chris Cooper

A 21 year old Roundhouse Jack coal-fired by John Shaw running at Crayke : Mick Brown

Shay at Willen LR : Alan Poxon

Alco : Paul Howard


February 2020

Parkwood Railways : Alan Poxon

Lawnswood Light Railway : Dave Webb

Kerr Stuart Sirdar Class : York ME : Paul Howard

Damems Junction : Alwyne King

Wasdale Tramway : Rick Collett

January 2020

Works train [ ex John Orson ] Bagnall P51 at YME: Paul Howard

Parkwood Railways : Alan Poxon

Garratts at Crayke: Mick Brown

December 2019

Christmas Lights on the SLR: Nicki Robinson

The 1934 WHR carriage colour scheme : David Rhodes at York ME

Garratt : Nant Mawr

Livingston Thompson and James Spooner: Nant Mawr

November 2019

Dolgoch Falls : Nant Mawr

Spooner's Porthmadog : Dave Webb

DJB coal-fired saddle tank with scratch-built cab: Graham Pearce : Parkwood Railways

Aireside Autumn sunshine : Alan Poxon

October 2019

Steam by Starlight : Dave Webb

Black is beautiful: Almondbury LR : Alan Poxon

Victorian Weekend: Charminster LR: DLG: Chris Cooper

Amondbury line up : Alan Poxon

September 2019

Great Willowgarth Open Day : John Toseland

Sheep on the Welsh Highland [Wasdale Tramway] : Rick Collett

Almondbury Autumn : Alan Poxon

Endcliffe Vale Open Day : Alan Poxon

August 2019

Going to work in the Silkstone Iron Mines

York Model Engineers: DHR ‘A’ class loco with a rake of scale DHR wagons and coaches : Paul Howard

The Saltersbrook Lane Branch : Alan Poxon

Moss Bank : August Open Day: Alan Poxon

July 2019

Tan y Bryn Open Day

Double - heading Shays at Great Willowgarth : Alan Poxon

Sir Baldrick rolls past the flowers: LLR : Dave Webb

FR gravity train passing through Shed Sidings on the LLR : Dave Webb

Southgate Railway : Ripon and District No 3 : Dave Webb

June 2019

No 14 tackles the Viaducts on the Wigfa & Llanrwst Light Railway:

Trev Oughton

Parkwood NG Railways : Dave Webb

Newly completed coal fired "Bundaberg" type loco with

Riverdale boiler at Foxhill LR : Dave Webb

Bradford Himalayas: Moss Bank Mountain Railway : Dave Webb

May 2019

Huddersfield Shed visits Sheffield ME : Alan Poxon

Florence Nightingale at Almondbury: Dave Webb

VofR No 7 Owain Glyndwr with early teak set on the LLR with euphorbia

April 2019

Yvonne raising steam in Stoneyholme Station on

the Southgate Light Railway : Nicki Robinson

O and K  (Angus built) loco on its maiden trip on the Sherburn Light Railway. The loco is based on Pakis Baru No 1 [now at Statfold] in its original Javanese form: Paul Howard

Accucraft Wren 45mm : Chris Cooper

DLG at the National Show: Chris Cooper :

and to see DLG in action click here

Sorting empties at the peat works: Alan Poxon

March 2019

Dick-Kerr petrol electric locomotive : Alan Poxon

Crayke LR: A Barry Milner built, John Shaw boilered coal-fired 2-6-2 : Paul Howard

Parkwood Railways : Dave Webb

FR/WHR power : York ME : Paul Butler

February 2019

Mossbank Mountain snowdrops : Michael Bastow

Little Diesels day at Parkwood : Alan Poxon

The Earl : LLR

January 2019

NG G13 No 60 "Drakensberg" at Parkwood Railways: Graham Pearce

Gricer : HRM Winter Steam

Almondbury Shunting : Alan Poxon

Waril class "Esme" hauling Sand Hutton wagons at York ME :

Paul Howard

The Breakdown Dept: Alan Poxon

December 2018

Beck "Anna" running on the BLR : Peter Nutbrown

West Calderbank Railway : Alan Poxon

Modelling wizardry from Jeremy Wade : Huddersfield Railway Modellers

November 2018

Moss Bank Autumn : Dave Webb

Tin Turtles 71/4, 16mm and 7/8ths at Parkwood Railways on November 11 : Alan Poxon

When Huddersfield Shed visited Llechfan : Tywyn : Alan Poxon

October 2018

"Loro Verde" or Green Parrot: an England engine from Plastikard

with the motor in the following coach: Rick Collett: Wasdale Tramway

Steam by Starlight : Great Willowgarth..the last steam of the open day season

Restored Perfect World early coaches headed by Robey : Crayke LR :

Paul Howard

YGRS : Dave Webb

Baldwin and Alco at Crayke LR: Paul Howard

September 2018

Seeing Double! ALR: Dave Webb

Mainly red : Tony Wright : Hillside and Big Trees Branch

" James" at Yew Lane Halt : Endcliffe Vale: Dave Webb